Pictured:  Chenelle Palyswiat from the Cloudsplitter Foundation presents a check to Alan Jones, CEO of Adirondack Community Action Programs in front of the old Lewis School.  Also pictured are James Monty, Town Supervisor and ACAP Board member, along with Marge Zmijewski, ACAP Program Director.

The site is being transformed into a Child Care Center with the generous support of the Cloudsplitter Foundation, the Charles R. Wood Foundation and the United Way of the Adirondack Region.  This has been a true community efforts says Marge.  “We have worked closely with the Town of Lewis and local foundations to make this a reality.”  

Marjorie Zmijewski, Program Director says the agency is working hard to put together a recreational program that offers fun and positive activities which focus on children’s interests and developmental needs.

Funders recognize the importance of having a quality program for children in our rural community. “ It’s important to them and it’s important to us”.