Exciting news! ACAP Wee Care Center, located in the old school building in Lewis, has been selected by RedBasket for an online fundraiser. Go to RedBasket.org/1337  to check out our story and share the link with everyone you know, post the link on your Facebook page and email to friends and families. We continue to work to make the center a safe and nurturing place for the children and we thank all who help us to make this possible!

In September 2016, ACAP launched a new initiative to meet the daycare needs of the community. The agency worked with the Town of Lewis and local foundations to open a child care center in the old school building in Lewis. Now operating, the Wee Care Center strives to create a nurturing environment where parents know their children will be safe, engaged, and excited to learn and grow. The childcare center gives children opportunities to participate in fun learning activities that support their mental, physical, and social development.
“In our rural community there is a severe lack of quality child care which has become a critical need in our area over the last several years,” said ACAP Development Coordinator, Marge Garcia. While the Wee Care Center has seen tremendous support by the community, the aging facilities are in need of improvements. Recently, there have been issues with carpeting and tiles in some of the classrooms, and problems with the water and sewer systems in the bathroom have become a concern. The ACAP board and staff hope to raise $5,845 through RedBasket.org to repair the bathroom, install new carpet, and purchase educational items for the preschool children.
“Quality childcare not only supports a parent’s ability to work, but it also supports early care and learning for the children in our community,” Marge said.
This fundraiser will be online through August 12. To learn more about the Wee Care Center, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit https://redbasket.org/1337/wee-care-child-care-center.